Find your local permitting agency

Type your address into our tool to verify which city or unincorporated community you live in. Then contact your local planning or building department to determine requirements for ADUs in the zoning ordinance, such as floor area, height, parking requirements.

Building Code Requirements

Check with your local building department to determine construction requirements, particularly for garage conversions. Your local building department may also refer you to the Fire Department for additional information about fire prevention requirements.

Work with Designers & Contractors

Meet with licensed professionals to come up with a preliminary design and a cost estimate. Obtain bids from multiple contractors as needed to determine the best fit for your project. To get started, you can find licensed licensed contractors in your area here

Budgeting & Financing

Secure financing to cover all construction costs, including an amount to cover unexpected costs. Check out some financing options here.


Talk with staff in your City’s Planning, Community Development or comparable department about your local building ordinances and guidelines.  They will help you learn about the applications you need to submit to start your ADU project.




Once permits are obtained, start construction!